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These guy are TRULY beautiful...... TRUST ME......, I am not happy about doing this, but I don't have much choice. I'm downsizing from a very large house to a Townhouse, 4 Ball Pythons & 1 Red Tail Boa Breaking it down for you.... The Pythons: 1 cinnamon (appox 38") 1 Mojave (approx 39") 1 yellow belly (approx 41") 1 Bumblebee (approx 4 .
well tamed Albino and piebald ball pythons looking for a new home.I have decided to give out my collection of ball pythons due to my reallocation.so i am looking for any reptile lover who will take very good care of the ball pythons so that i can give them for adoption .If interested just email me for more information .
we now have well tamed piebald ball pythons for sale. these snakes are well trained , tested and more so they are great eaters.they will be coming with all their papers and with some accessories with them.if interested please contact for more pictures and also for more information .
Beautiful male European Turtle dove for sale. Gorgeous colors and very pretty call and display from male. 2 years old and although he is missing one foot , can still walk and perch with no problem and is constantly courting the female. In perfect health. Paid $130 but will sell for $100 .
Meriot is a Male Crested Gecko born in September 18th 2010. He is looking for hisforever home. To learn more about crested gecko visit this CareSheet (https://www.pangeareptile.com/store/crested-gecko-care-sheet-en.html#/cmsPage/34) To ensure you can provide for him, then fill out our on-line application (https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSc353Lkg9mf0xyGB093zP5yyWoyz3PRQ1DG1bEldXc1yv2s3g...
Willow is a super fun loving girl. She is insanely precious and just loves to play, run fast, fast ,fast and make you laugh and cuddle with her best friend (Turtle, a tiny chihuahua also available for adoption). They are a bonded pair and must be adopted together. Turtle loves to lay on top of Willows back and its 1 of the sweetest things you will ever see! They are just the funniest pair. Will...
Miska is a young and friendly Leopard Gecko looking for her forever home. Email is at XXXX@tailsandscales.org for more information
Beardies. Starting at 50. Clear nails .
Snake/lizard rack. On wheels. Have all tubs. And more. Moving. .
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